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Because of the growing focus on debt, commercial reputation, sustainability and growth are dangerous. The effects of bribery are felt globally and acts of bribery can cause significant criminal sanctions. For this reason, the implementation of the necessary controls and the operation of the ARYS should be observed.
For better control there is a need for better knowledge on the subject. For this purpose; It is imperative that the ISO 37001: 2016 anti-bribery management system (ARYS) learn how to prohibit, prevent, detect and report bribery, and how to obtain international best known frameworks.

ISO 37001

What are the benefits?

The purpose of implementing the ISO 37001 management system is to:

Define key concepts of bribery

To explain the background, structure and purpose of ISO 37001: 2016,

To comment on the requirements of ISO 37001: 2016 "enough procedures to meet the requirement"

To demonstrate the commercial benefits of implementing an effective ABMS

To investigate the use of the Plan-Build-Apply-Check the management system approach and how it relates to ISO 37001: 2016.

ISO 37001

What are their purposes?

An anti-bribery management system (ARYS) based on ISO 37001 will provide a framework for any bribery in your organization (prohibiting, preventing, detecting, reporting and handling). In this process, it takes into account the requirements of national laws, regulations and internationally recognized best practices.